(ONLINE) Build a BETTER Business during the Covid 19 Breakdown

If you're a business mainly involving on-ground services and production, you're probably forced to halt your business during this restriction movement.

But despite the restrictions, how can you adapt to this situation and find opportunities to grow your business instead?

Whether you're running a hair salon, therapy services, financial advisory, making handcrafted goods or even network marketing, there are always ways to catch your customer's attention and do business with them. All you need to do, is TALK TO US.

Turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs.

🙅‍♂ Don’t do this alone. Think it through with a trained professional who has worked with hundreds of large organisations to freelancers and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

💭 Cavemen is hosting a FREE 2 hrs Idea Validation Session, where we’ll sit with you to talk about your ideas and give you the validation that you need – whether YOUR idea will work or not and what to do next.

🤔 Don’t have a clear idea? Well, come anyway so you can listen to how other people think so you can create an idea of your own!

⚫Admission: FREE for all

⚫Outcome: at least ONE course of action to move your idea forward!

⚫Dates: Mondays and Thursdays (Choose your dates!)

⚫Time: 8pm-10pm

⚫Venue: ONLINE (url will be provided)

A little bit about us:
Just this early March 2020, we were an on-ground experiential learning and corporate training company. Within 2 days, we completely changed our business model to conducting trainings online, such as 'public speaking', 'team building' and 'business development'. Yes, 100% ONLINE. We have tripled our usual customer based since the restriction movement, and we believe that you can do it too.

Take the advantage and grow your business exponentially while everyone is stuck and restless at home! Time is short and leaders are fast. You decide ;)


Jean-Paul (JP) Valdes is a master coach and trainer and the CEO of Cavemen.

After helping thousands of business owners and aspiring business owners to large organisations such as SP Setia, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, etc., JP and team believe that the best way to learn, is not to teach. It is to help others make EMPOWERED CHOICES. Many barriers in business growth stem from communication breakdown, fear of change, fear of financial cost, fear of hierarchy and most importantly, the breakdown in working environment.

With the Cavemen, Jean-Paul uses his natural creativity to develop unique and engaging immersive simulations, along with his coaching skills to enable participants to experience tremendous insight not only in their business but in all aspects of their lives. His breadth of experience in business, event-management, coaching, training and game-development made Cavemen a natural fit for realising his personal vision of empowering people to create a win-win-win world.
Thu Mar 26, 2020
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM MYT
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